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Gtr2 btcc 1998 mod

Heck of a lot of skins added from BTCC and STW and Some new cars, including , Cavalier, Carina, Estate, Mondeo Si all from the F1 Challenge BTCC mod. The GTLW Mod Team released V of the Power & Glory mod for GTR2. The patch Comes with a lot of fixes to adress bugs and issues with the P&G v mod, and contain plenty improvements and a few new cars. Read More». Aug 16,  · GTR 2 Mods Forum to release game mods for GTR2 such as tracks, cars, skins, sounds and various other modifications. Upload your mods to our resource manager and an automatic thread will be created for discussion.

Gtr2 btcc 1998 mod

British Super Touring Cars by Evo monkey | rFactor Cars | rFactor Central

Evo Monkey has then converted the mod to rFactor With permission. While the original V1. However, there are still improvements to be made for the future. And everyone who has downloaded the mod and left a comment, thanks! You must be logged in to download files. Login if you have already have a account or register as a new user. Access to downloads is immediate. There are currently no setups for British Super Touring Cars Add a Setup.

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PowerSlider Sep 29, 3. Replies 3 Views Oct 13, mikeae1. Tracks Autodromo di Franciacorta Sep 19, Tombprince. Tracks Adelaide International Raceway. Sep 17, Daj. Tracks Watkins Glen Kuckoo Aug 1, 2. Replies 2 Views 3k. Sep 12, Tombprince. Tracks The Old School Ring. Snarf7 Jul 22, Sep 5, Snarf7. Jon c Jul 13, 5. Replies 5 Views Aug 30, Irsel.

Super Touring 1998 Mod v1.0 Post navigation

Apr 06,  · BTCC and Misc (contains BTCC, STCC, NATCC and some misc skins) FFSA, CIVT, CET, World Cup by DBStreet. STW by DBStreet STW by Speeddemon79 and Baika STW by Markano97, Baika, Pat O'Reilly and Mr.T STW by Markano, Baika, Mr.T, TMSR and Speeddemon97 ASTC by Michael Ford and TMSR Updated 6th April Mar 11,  · Bakers Real World Race Cars - Mods - 4 GTR2. Click on the file front link on the main page to download my full car packs or click the single link to go to Nogripracing to DL(Reg required) more are on the way plus my own custom championship. [Site Updated: ] MODS: RuF Vs ACR Mod. Mar 09,  · This is the btcc reloaded mod for race 07 by me and features the // and btcc of the skins have been converted from the gtr2 super touring mod. Tags:Bitcoin forum ita, Bitcoin bike shop, 400 dkk to btc, Btc news hindi me, Ford btc

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