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Btconnect email 365

Strange problem - we have been successfully using a email address for years and recently accessing emails through outlook app on two phones. My phone had to be repaired & when it came back I was unable to use the app, the password wasn't recognised and I . Dec 06,  · They have email address. They are now getting their email via a web log on using the Office set up. Could someone please provide the Outlook settings to set up the email address so they can get their email via Outlook and stop using the Office set up they have been transfered to. Oct 20,  · email settings in outlook From previous posts it seems you need the settings below to get btconnect emails to work but the set-up wizard has no options other than SSL? Please can someone help.

Btconnect email 365

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Probably not so much of a problem if the other domain is hosted by BT, or if all the email for the external domain can be redirected through the BT account, both of which for me were not options.

Sign In. Office , Outlook and btconnect. They have btconnect. They are now getting their email via a web log on using the Office set up. They are running a business and need to keep all legacy email. Any advise would be greatly appriciated. Message 1 of 7 20, Views. Re: Office , Outlook and btconnect. Message 2 of 7 20, Views.

I have my main bt email address that uses the format my. Message 3 of 7 20, Views. Message 4 of 7 20, Views. Message 5 of 7 20, Views. Message 6 of 7 20, Views. Hi just a follow up to my previous posts. I did succeed in creating a second email account but that didn't solve my problem. Thanks for helping me get there. Click here for more information.

By logging in I agree that cookies may be set on my browser. Learn more. If youre using an internet browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. It looks like you might have selected Yahoo when setting up your email, please select Other and then enter your email address and password. Please check you entered your username and password correctly and try again.

If you need help remembering your username or password you can use the links below. You have had too many unsuccessful attempts to login. You have been temporarily locked out. Please try after 15 minutes. email settings in outlook 365 Get the premium Office apps with Microsoft 365

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