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Brunch v btcju

Dec 20,  · The magic of Christmas is awesome to watch through the eyes of a child. The traditions and keepsakes you make can last a lifetime. Let's make a cute plate for . Our Story. FRKS je zdrava, sveža in okusna novost v ljubljanski ponudbi ulične prehrane. Najdete nas na dveh lokacijah v Ljubljani: Kongresni trg in BTC City tržnica, kjer lahko izbirate med sveže pripravljenimi toplimi in hladnimi zavitki oziroma 'frksi' mehiških, mediteranskih, domačih, vegetarijanskih in drugih okusov, ki jih FRKSovi kuharji po originalnih receptih sproti pripravljajo. Nato še malo po BTCju, kjer sem si privoščila novo kolo za vožnjo do službe, ker je bil stari rdeči že res v poslovilnem stanju:). Najine “kruli” želodčke sva zadovoljila v kitajski restravraciji in jo nato mahnila proti domu. Med potjo pa sva se odločila, da današnjo potepanje zaključiva zvečer v Mariboru.

Brunch v btcju

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HyurrvJlf, r;;. Thiity-nine adults have attended the clintc, many of them returning several timet for-iuFther treatment. The i'Tiendly ;! Usually such treat ineilLJi CW-, thla ellnio. John s ' niiun Idea wa. Exam- ination showed John to be in fairly good health and of superior intelli- gence, but he re.

Efforts were'' made to help his teachers to tindersumd hi. This he enjoyed and did well. Ik is. Problems involved in the raisuiK of public funds by borrowing, in- cluding the form and tiding of pub- lic ts. OOO in the world of Saanich council for t! Thomas Kay and Conway Parrot t will repre. Fgrrott outlined the proposed change. ThLs three-point route v. If adopted, continued Mr. It was" the in- tention o f the C bacK"I. Little wonder the study implied, that civ- Ulaation ;s a little ffrngcy and dazed by this iiiul' iplicai ion of its people, I The pre.

Sec our display oow interested. A I large bed of Silica sand, used in the ma nufacture of glass, has been lo- cated n the lower Detroit River in th;. A cotnjvinv hn. BOAX, Ala. Wednesday, Winter will come to i; i:ix War. Gould, ot the. Johns Hopknus Uni- , cial arrival of cold weather.

I More than. V per cent of the jparij will be m. I the balance beiii ; iinpoi ted from Japan, he said. I'lie finished prod- uct will be for distribution and sale in Canada. An action us ix-nding in the EIx- chequer C ium "t Canada seeking a declaration that tlie Japanese company's lamps are not an In- frinttement on patents -of the Ca- nadian General Electric Company.

T e action, Isobe said. Siiine tyiM" as ha'-e u. Mer entran e and a rear exit to facilitat e tmloading. The seats are of padded leather antf ars-vhrotnlum trimmed.

Impact ventilation provides nor- mal and constant empetaturs. Parrott said. HiH tn. Call in at This btsutlful. It's easy to buy a new radio on easy B. Electric terms! S1S wa. Submarines led the armament race. S per rent, anti-aircraft guns. Ince alone. A quant it v of hockey equipment was also ttfken from one of the hockey romns. Tlie f ; e. The question of granting Ijelliger- ent rikjhts to both. Spanuh Soeialusts and Fa. Councillor Woods ha. N been viially in t rested in Imaiu e.

Moorish Troops in Action Enrfing a muni ip. MX of which he wa. Cotiiji jlll Jr Woods, who ha. IK a ked to attend. Streets, at B pm. Gai35 AAcrrr ground in ouk new mill. If rour ridj'i li n. MMl-M-jhtSk Mf. Nr cod OO; Dry, KS. OO GEO. The counting has beeu itoue UJ the coui. Tmcn nUty be gained a.! Still another ffrottp, to recite from a report made by R. Here is a view of the main street in Juneau, Alaska, showiog in background part of the mountain from ' which thousands of tons of rock and debris roared down on the town, wrecking buildings and, it is feared,!

The ca. Miss cliair. Fleck and G. Oreen, laOT Xyan Btyeet. The com- mltftecJieaded by F. All members are requested to attend. After careful in- vestigation and deUberatton, B.

Moore will take up his duties at Pembertoo Building at onee. The bureau said The November 1 figure was Boucher, show superintendent. H WiU ii, at St. Jones F. Milton, hon- i DUlabough will build a home at orary seen tary.

Ave rooms and estimated to co. Hall to- morrow at 7 45 p ni. Stacey Woods, [ B. Everyone, both old and t young, is invited to this rally. British Colum- Iji. Speakers will be Harold Fisher. Pembma, Alberta, and Mnjor A. C:impljell WHS. Just acrivs.

Man- zanares River from the capital's western edge. They already had a foothold In the University. City district. Women ver rarely speak of this disfigurement, but serretly and anxlou. ElectrolysLi alone is the s afe and perman ent curej jyid. Phone 0 Nov 27 "Dela. Sp Mil. Alex' Hall. Lake HiU Oommunlty Hall. I'niversilT Extension Prof. Topj ing if the Departmeht of Eco- nomics and Sociology at the Univer- sity of. Short Wave Club me4. Reg- A meeting originally. Physicians said thev were not.

The boy had a slight stroke two weeks ago which affected his face. Ml new tl'l,. They will l. Scotland, Nov 38 'CP-Hava. Good allowance on your car in trsdc. Masters Motor Co. Tlie Co. Broad St. Major Karl B. Mis E. Interest diie the citv a- ti;.

Nov 2R T' f.. We iaccurity measures. Nov 28 In a move to curb. IT'' '! Boulh Af rlc tf When eiecUflo candidate 1. Munro, MLs. Wairord, Mis. Mias rVRgy Jaspph.

Prank Hall. Mr fi. Bullen, Mr. Pitts, Mr. Sangil Psase. CampSeT Aahbu rpham. Mr Punnott. Mr and Mrs. Ooldwyn Terry. Whit- tliiKhain. Mr CJ. Hope, Mr P. The niemWT. M: y ciiilie. McKii- Mr. F Kilching. R Marsl;. Mrs F. Mrv W Turntr, Mrs' G.

Mfl- Mlis. MUa M. Mlas Irene Palmer. Love, Mr A Crnlk'. Miss I. I MrClun-. Paul Rowe, Mus. Six"ii- cer, Mr. Kenneth Dniiy. Bayley, Miss M.

Prank JBdteU. Miss V. Lewis will give a talk on thp Vimv P! GonzaTes Chapter Tlie monthly mfelin? John olclock. Dudley Oreen. Mlss Lolita Reyes, Mr. Half fUt greased muffin pa! All friends wii: welcomed and refreshments will bt- served. DauKhU'i-s dl Em. It will be opened by Mrs Dnv id Lremlng at 3 oVlock. The Girls- Friendly Society wUl and knitted narmont. Coffee and light refreshmento will be served. Oavln Hume. Rol in Pirr,.

Mr Bkffy Wlnton. Miss Betty Hapty. Miss Tita Han. J Gray. Doane, Mr. B Ward. Mr I,. E Dunn,. Calvert and Mr. During the evening his daughter Miss A Bar- ker, a. Cooke on the subject of "Small rhildren and Their Trf.

A general meetitiR of the Diocesan , ,. Brake; in the chair. An Hi. Aid will be held Thursday at p. A OK, will meet at the lu. I nited W. Presbyterlal The ir. Tram me committee. Tlie corre- the ' spondiiiij. Oiiiir of Daughters o St. George, vill hold a meeting on Friday at j p. The installaUon will commen ce at p. This includes delegates from mLs. Chisiinim w. Re- l rou. M a Dominion received. Lalng re- 'i' ii'-m. Mrs i o. Forbes, this ported having sent..

Lseveral parcels! March If Mr. Miss G. Brace, missionary letlnK eommi "'''- i he executive ironi Clieiu'Ui. Uered lor. Tea will be. Luke's W. Ho,,, r. Pancywork and.

ITesfret wa. W Frampton. F Davie. Duncan; Mr. E Marshall Mr and Mr. L- Oo. S0II, Nexport:. Bob SinalUiLski. Port- 1 land:. Robert Dir kie and J E. Ross, Messrs. Roy Willi, unson and Tom Wern,. Ran and W, Mu;-pliy. Seattle; Mr. MurUKh Victoria;. Oak- land; Mr. Harry Kent. Portland: Mr. B Martin. New York Mr C ' Boe.

Roycroft I and dauRhters. Recina; Lieut -Col and Mrs R. Nfr and. Xltecn and chil- dren, cobw. Vancouver; Ml. I Seattle;. Mr mul M: I? II rn II. Munro, aec- retary of the Jtmlor W A.. Staocy r Hi. A vote of thanks was f xpruKSf'd to Mcs, Staccy tor her! Came Rebrkah I. A , pop-liar orchfsfra will. Daughters of. The bu-Mnew, of th. T C Lodge Prlmroxie. H of Was won by Mrs. The hostesses for the I evening Were Mrv J. I ' Campbell.

C Davie. Mark's Church annual "bazaar will be held on Wedrn. The follouinc Tha. V Cnion w. Tht newest styles, ,the fmcst skins ind the lowest prkct to be found anywhere, are combintd in CMH lhaf IRSy bt purchased on tasy terms. Ol and lOr. RiehAitl Jaekteo. In brown. John Roh. Marjorie Doll, and Mr. John Moxajii, of thi.

Another feature la a duologue, over satin wai;. The "Fireworks. In addiUon to plauo and anthemunus. Arthur Fowler. John R. Puller wa. Umcmt, to Mr. Philip Prichard. The proceeds of the concert will used by the members to help le. Wiliiam Blgeiow, J Rtehardsen atreet. Mrs Je. Roixil A I S! What's o'clock'' asks Carol Anne, attractive-little daughter of Mr. The and Mrs. Ronald Whittington, S3 Linden Avenue, and grand- marriage will take place shortly.

Herbert Knott. Pred , Braine. PaUsv Swift, afteriiiK. Isabel Ram. Tatlow, the Misse. Mis A. Lome Le Gallais. Faye S'iniih. Stella and Phyllis Davles, Yvonne Squire. Edith Pox. Jacqueline Tweed. June and Berllia Bunvtt.

Regents M: s Aiidrev Tremavne, Ml. MLss Ruth Moore, Mr. Lamljert, Mr J. Mr and Mr. Pouring the tea and coffee were Miss Cynthia Yarrrow and Mi. Connie and Mary Sicphen. Anna and June Mr.

Haix ld Byrom. Mr n Renwlck. Crabtree and Mr. Dick Rav- ; mond. Miss Doreen A. ESeanor -Druffirhond. Bonnie nri nti. Prlscilla Wright Ann Ride- wood. Eileen Carter. ESsme Ketetien. Elizabeth Martin, Jean Mayhew. Olaflwyrr Bea. Aileen Mr- it! Miss Jovce : talented young Victorian punlst, whose ninnt' er.

Among those present were Mrs A. I Cowan. Sirs Jean Miller. Falrey Van- couver , Miss Mynne Baker. Mlss Winnie Elliott, Mls. P McLoughlln, Mrs. Klnsjhom Mrs. S Bonnell. Mrs A. Mls-s Robertson. Beeeptioii Held j Mr. Barraclough, the former Mias Annie Reid. Mrs Marra lough's former as. McAllister was in chart;'' ' of the card ga,mes. L Schmels and Mr. A lovely three-'u rrri wed-. Raseanna Gillespie. Dorothy Campbell. Miriam Argall, Patsy Wnt. The ,. Tlie coni!

Stuart Robert. Others Invited include Mi. Audrey lajms, Sylvta Pidding- Phethean. Lilian and Virt-'inin Rvan. Wil liani. Assisting the ho. Ma Lyall Street an PYida-. Mitehell I a. Willis and Mrs R W Mayhew. J Wa'. Ma cPar lane. Warm, cVcery greetings face you from all sides as you cntirthe Stort. Will November 4. A choice range from youthful swaggers to the stateliest fitted coat.

One or two of the. Wee or Wee or 90U. Each 2. Visit Santa any timo botwooa and S o'clock. The pxlenfiion ot ;lir prioiihood has not been considered by the Gen- eral Synod of the Church of Eng- land in Canada. Thla denomination ditlon which exlsta even In the present divided atate of' Chrlaten- dom. These are the Northi-rn Baptl. Disciples of Christ, Society of Prlends. In UiU. I The Koman Catholic and Ea. The grace of Chrl.

Ivory jnd mckel trim. Nifb shelf Tlie evidence. In grneral. FYom this tra- dition the United Churrh of Canada ' lias departed. Tlie writer n-tnti the fjupstion. Rive clerical. Is it de. Canadian MiM. I lb packet. Special 35c Or will the opening to women. Oome were lorry and.

But moat of the Uttle folia were fUd. Tney dldnt know what wa. He promised little Mra Peter that he wrtuldn t go far -and that he would be very, very careful Now. Sam- inv. I:iv and Bl. But most of aU, hurried Farmer- Brown'a Boy. Lie down! Now Bow. Down lie lay. As his m. UlC Ici-' held sn fast In the jaws of tho rrnrl trap, and there were Wg lenrrs in- his eyey.

Me was hecpint: his ni. S Irom various quarter. But they did not give the jnatter pnmaicy attention. Incredulity may cause you thi. Some B i one may try to implant a doubt in j?

Do not rf. Steer a straight course, particularly In invplvlat sentimental ff. Green Label, I lb packet I5r Red iabel, 1 lb. It all up. And then sud- denly he thought of the traps and mie.

If a man and November n your naU? Tea will be aerved by the Woman's Auxiliary and an attrac- tive proKtamnve has been arranged. BoLster and Mrs. Bolster, who ixave -recently arrived in Victoria. Boiater has been appointed asais- tant to Rev. These include the' foMiiwing : Friday. Miss Mary Ilniiiiilon; Tues- day.

M K C"iod. Spender ai d Lewi. HeniK -'a An! O t cHaid A te iiu e. Oak Biy. Austin's home. Oroulnse; second. Miss G; RH'he; thirdi Mrs. S Uidman,. C Liiat. G Au -;ii Ntis! John's Church will ston, Mrs. Poiir Into a deep pan and pl. T Party Mrs. Shec'laah Pj;vctt. Shelagh Cooper. Brian Ley. Yeamans at the home of Mrs.

At one time the blue cup was considered eapecially fitting for tea. Tea has had its part in the cere- , monial customs nt- nhtna anrf nf Japan, where it is the.

U Clip of te:i. The third causes the wrongs of life to fade gently from recollection. The fourth purifies my soul. The fifth Tttts me to realms ol the Unwinkini; Ciods. All ol ]. India within the In-st century new markets were ii;v'ned. ST Cut bread In slices one-fourth : top.

Bake one and one - fourth! ST FI. Mhtrsl nual dam e on FYldav. A popular orchestra has! Slice one-elRhth tee in charge ol tickrt. Sprinkle wlth;Elaney. ML-w Betty Bapty. Copyrltht, itH. News Ingredienus sifted tcqether; add recently, members of the associa-Jin progress at the Armories last VlsitmK lierr nuts; fill. Stella M. Whale;, r kind of tea- you choose ;h. I hope yen will nr-vrr Invite me to ' aiiu dannle a tea ball into i nip of hot water before my eyi.

The Engll. AT IT Wlu'ii tc. Cinnamon toast, tiny hot bus- cults or muffins, toasted E nglte h muffin.

LiilU- r. Md etirli ;,ear. Altliriugh it l. I Tea. Coven were laid for thirty-six. MeNiitt and lirr daui-hter. Empresa Hotel. Sixteen tables were In play. This was tlic first of a series of three to be held. At 'the winning table with twentv. Jar- vi. MituS I. PYaser Ot'orne and Mr K. Lindsay; at the isolation table wer" Mi. Porster and Mr. J Ai a result of tl:c intense arii'Iery and aciial bombardment that preceded the insurgent ad vsnce into the outsiiirts of Madrid, scenes like this are common.

Captain Oartsdon. Bobcagen, Ontario, ihe week previous or around Chrbt- is the guest of Mrs H. Smiley Wc hoin- to rovul.. Mr WlHlam McNichol, and trust td the gmclous support and lis, fi lend!? In DOncaii. Juiu li , Mia, n, K.

Richmond CralK. AwanU Club. Oralf will dis- cii. ICIaa Morton will be tlie convenor At 8 p. B H Rose will coti- vene a bridge party m headcjuarter. Pi lends of Mr. O Calderwood will be pi' a'''fi to know she i. Ooldlng and Mr.

Ma' l oi. Mrs Charles Fitzgerald; fancy work. Mrs Blair Reld; country store, Mrs. JL O'Neill: eauly booth. Junior C W. Ij ; apron stall. Gillis; rclijfious articles. Miss Helen Tulk : ice cream and soft drinks.

Young People's Club; Chrlstmai tree, Mn. Hot lundl and dinner will be. Hall on Thursday. They were given decorations. Rerooflng, new gutters, these are but a few of tl'. Adam wmre Tteltors to Victoria tKls week. Miss Ruth Oilroy has left for Victoria, where she will spend the months with Mrs. Small doubt timt tlii. Sidney Experimental! Deflcita have been more nuhMTOus than lurpluaei up the Island.

Playfalr paid a short vlsltr to Vancouver on Thursday. J A and Mrs. Petrie motored to Nanaimo to aileiid a supper meet- ing held in St. Andrew's Church Hall. Sexton, Blahop of Columbia, will spend the week-end In the parish. Both U-a and ' bridge parties are open to the gen- eral public.

Part of the proceeds will be devoted to the Chrl. Churrh tomotTow, with Holy Com- munion at ajn. Porter and Mrs. Palgie r and Mis Mvles. Southon left on Tuesday for Kam- loops. A meeting of the committee of the Community Chest wa. Playfalr, gave a report of the work since the last meeting.

It was very gratifying to not that work has increa. Which was held under the auspi. PrlJtes were won by Ing Club. Morrison and Mr,' F. RefreshmenU were served at the close of the game, when the hosies.

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