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Bitcoin society

The Bitcoin Society SCAM by Billy Menza was recently launched and initial complaints indicate we are dealing with a fake bitcoin robot (AKA auto-trader) and thieving software. In our detailed Bitcoin Society Review, our staff of researchers will provide ample proof of SCAM and malicious foul play. As part of that challenge, the Bitcoin Society is planning a number of projects over the next year, including a new website called, which will help to educate people about. Dec 27,  · About Bitcoin Society Billy Mensa presents himself as the creator of Bitcoin Society, which according to him is a trading software for cryptocurrencies. It will trade bitcoin on your behalf and make you thousands of dollars per day in the process/

Bitcoin society

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Billy Mensa is the fabricated name of the maker behind the Bitcoin Society system. This signifies that even if the trader manages to break through using the Bitcoin Society, the funds will never be paid.

Also there are so many scam tactics planted on the official website of Bitcoin Society system. Thus I advice you to go through this Bitcoin Society review before thinking of depositing with there brokers.

Because definitely it will be a great disappointment. The video of Bitcoin Society shows luxurious scenes to give the trader the perception that he will be able to make a lot of money with this system.

Every trader understands that trading is a challenging endeavour and the money does not pour in that easily. The trader will have to struggle a lot to master trading and earn this much. The want us to believe that the trader can earn through this system without having knowledge about trading. Well if the trader has no experience then he is an easy victim for the scammers and this is why they are more interested in having those traders on board who lack the knowledge about trading.

The trader is clueless how this system works because the video is more focused on praising the system and this is one of the major setbacks of this system. Now when an investor is trying to judge whether a system is a scam or not then he should look at the website quite carefully. It will give him a clue if the system is genuine or not. When the investor looks at the website of Bitcoin Society then there are many red flags.

The funny thing about this Bitcoin Society scam is that when you look at the alleged trading results of the system, you will notice there were no cryptocurrency trades, just Forex. This shows that this fraudulent program has nothing to do with real cryptocurrency trading, it is just an incoherent scam easy to see through.

The only aim of Bitcoin Society is to get your money. If you send money to any of their shady brokers, they will keep it and share it. They will promise you the moon and they will ask for more deposits, but they will never let you withdraw anything back, let alone making you any profits. Bitcoin Society is a dirty scam, we have proven it. For real cryptocurrency trading we recommend starting on a free demo account with a regulated broker and training with virtual money. It is only when you have a proper strategy and you understand the risks that you can start trading with real money.

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Bitcoin Society Review Bitcoin Society

As part of that challenge, the Bitcoin Society is planning a number of projects over the next year, including a new website called, which will help to educate people about. Members Login. Please enter your Email and Password to sign in. Remember Me. Forgot Password? Mar 29,  · Bitcoin Society is a trading software that works on autopilot. It can open and close trades for you on your account. This way it can allegedly earn you thousands of dollars per day. How much does the Bitcoin Society App cost?2/5. Tags:0.057 btc to naira, Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Tradingview strat btc, Bitcoin tax in canada, Bitcoin price over last two years

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